6PM remains in profit for 12 consecutive months

Published: November 13, 2012



Directors Interim Statement

The group has now managed to remain 12 consecutive months in profit, without hampering any investment being made as part of the strategy being implemented. Results remain satisfactory and in line with the expectations set in the current business plan. The directors are also undertaking that if the set internal targets continue to be achieved, a dividend will be proposed for approval at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.

As part of its strategy to move from a service company into a products company, the group targeted clinical solutions used within the NHS Market in the UK to deliver additional value. The first of these clinical solutions, CareSolutions™ Climate HIV, has been rolled out in the beginning of November in collaboration with the North Middlesex University Hospital, and there are already a number of Trusts who are interested in acquiring a licence. Funding for the project came from the NHS London Specialised Commissioning Group, and from five large pharmaceutical companies in the HIV arena, who donated funds without influencing the development, meaning the solution can now be offered to other NHS Trusts for very low rates.

Another clinical solution, relating to the monitoring and treatment of stroke patients, is currently being finalized for live deployment by the end of the year. Such solution will be available for site referencing from the beginning of the year, and there is serious interest from other Trusts to have the solution available for them as well. Such clinical solutions will be sold as stand-alone products, but incremental development based on the information provided by users is planned to continue throughout the year.

As from July this year, 6pm also kicked off its “Low Margin High Volume” strategy by launching the Quick™ products suite. The first products, Quick™ PM and Quick™ PA, are available for sale from the quickfocus.com website, and awareness is being raised through social media and other mediums. There is notable interest in the products both locally and abroad, while such opportunity is also raising new opening in the sale of training. Throughout the year, further investment is being made so that additional products within the suite are launched are marketed as from the first half of the year.

The group is currently preparing the 2013 strategy and business plan, indicating the projects to be undertaken in the current year in order to sustain and increase the momentum gained throughout 2012. 6pm, the board and the executive team will strive to achieve more by delivering four core business objectives: profitability, stability, growth and business model. New opportunities will be
evaluated in line with such business objectives, in order to gain the best shareholders’ value and deliver success stories to those who have the 6pm brand at heart.


Dr. Ivan Gatt
Company Secretary
13th November 2012

Updated: 10 April 2019

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