6PM continues to register monthly profits

Published: November 14, 2013

The 6PM Group kept its momentum and continued to experience monthly profits during 2013. This means that the 6PM Group has been in profit for over 2 years. Results are encouraging and the trends are in line with the business plan for the year 2013. Business growth is being achieved as planned and the Directors are focused on profits to be able to recommend the distribution of dividends at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.

The current business strategy comes to an end in 2013. The move from a service business to a products business is being achieved in line with the strategy. The 6PM Group now has a number of product solutions particularly within the NHS sector in the UK. CareSolutions™ Climate HIV is now operational in two trusts, currently being implemented in another trust, and two other deals are targeted to be closed by the end of the year.

At the moment, the 6PM Group is rolling out another solution, StrokePad, in collaboration with the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust which is recognized as the world leader in the treatment of stroke patients. This solution is expected to go live this month. The 6PM Group also started the development of another solution relating to patients suffering from dementia. This product is being developed with West London Mental Health Trust, a leading mental hospital within the UK NHS.

After two years of collaborative development with the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust this year the 6PM Group has sold the iFIT (intelligent File & Inventory Tracking) solution to a number of Trusts within the UK. This platform has proved to be very beneficial for the Trusts with the implementations of iFIT leading to a very fast return on investment. There is continuous request from various other Trusts for this solution.

Still in the health sector, the 6PM Group managed to penetrate another market by partnering with EMC to rollout a national health solution within Georgia.

Apart from the clinical solutions, the 6PM Group is also focusing on its online presence to target the ‘Low Margin High Volume’ segment. In 2012 the 6PM Group introduced the QuickFocus products suite, with Professional Mentor. During the current year, another product was launched – After Action Review, with another product being launched before year end. These products are proving beneficial to showcase the Group’s knowledge on the Agile Delivery Framework, thus providing inroads for additional services such as training.

Over the past months the 6PM Group has invested in its new offices in Malta. The 6PM Business Centre was completed and inaugurated in October 2013, where all the Maltese employees working within the 6PM Group have been relocated under one roof. This has increased synergies, productivity and has also created a huge sense of belonging.

During the board meeting held in September 2013, the 6PM Holdings plc. Board of Directors approved the new Strategy Plan that will be adopted during the period 2014-2016. Currently, the Executive team is preparing the 2014 business plan and the forward look is focused on further growth of the Group’s product portfolio, new markets and new investments. At the foundation of the new strategy, the 6PM Group continues to strive to achieve more revenue, profitability, annuity business and market presence. New opportunities will be evaluated in line with such business objectives, in order to increase shareholders’ value.

Updated: 10 April 2019

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