6PM registers positive financial results for 2012

Published: April 16, 2013

6PM Holdings plc has registered a profit after tax of GPB £526,536 for the year 2012 compared to a loss after tax of GBP £354,888 the previous year.

As at the end December, 6PM Holdings registered a pre-tax profit of GBP £433,586 (2011 – pre-tax loss of GBP £563,261). The gross profit for the year amounted to GBP £2,771,284 (2011 – GBP £1,824,068) equivalent to 39% (2011 – 34%) of total revenues. Administrative expenses amounted to GBP £2,238,779 (2011 – GBP £2,226,028). Group total equity at the year-end amounted to GBP £5,014,584 (2011 – GBP £4,662,132).

In view of the positive results registered, the Board of Directors proposed the payment of a final gross dividend to GBP £0.0246 per share equivalent to a final net dividend of GBP £0.016 per share. The Directors further proposed that a bonus issue of one share for every 25 shares held on 12th May 2013 equivalent to GBP £152,156 is allocated from the share premium account. Application will be made for the necessary authorisation concerning the listing of the share on the Malta Stock Exchange.

In a statement, the Board of Directors said that the 6PM Group is to further develop sales, especially in the newly-developed products while also investing in getting annuity revenue. These, coupled with the cost containment efforts and building of synergies within the group, will help to sustain the profitability of the group within the foreseeable future

Updated: 10 April 2019

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