6PM expands its operations in Ireland

Published: March 20, 2014

In line with its expansion plans and its strategy to set up subsidiaries in strategic markets 6PM Holdings plc has opened an office in Limerick, Ireland.

Six-PM Health Solutions (Ireland) Limited has been set up through a joint venture between 6PM Holdings plc and Mr Anthony O’Carroll. Mr O’Carroll owns 30% of the equity in this new joint venture and he has over 25 years industry experience working with Hospitals in Ireland. Through this collaboration with Mr O’Carroll who previously owned Medrex Systems (Ireland) Limited, a local medical records supply company, 6PM Ireland will be inheriting all of the business activity that was previously delivered by Medrex Systems (Ireland) Limited. To this effect, 6PM Ireland is fully functional with Mr O’Carroll as Managing Director.

“We could not have hoped for a better business partner. The business experience brought in to 6PM Ireland by Anthony and his team is priceless. This is a great business opportunity since 6PM Ireland will not be starting from nothing, to the contrary, all the previous Medrex business has now been shifted in to the newly set up joint venture. This collaboration will give us a rapid start to our growth internationally,” Ivan Bartolo, CEO of the 6PM Group said.

With offices in Limerick, Six-PM Health Solutions (Ireland) Limited is currently employing 13 people with future employment growth expected. The key business activities are document management services, microfilming, scanning, off site storage and resale of equipment associated with the above and consultancy. These services will be complimented with the marketing and selling of the 6PM products such as iFIT, Climate-HIV, Strokepad, the CareSolutionsTM suite of products and others.

Six-PM Health Solutions (Ireland) Limited is expecting to start delivering business value immediately as service contracts are already in hand.

Updated: 10 April 2019

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