Published: November 18, 2015



The 6PM Group has continued to experience growth in both revenue and profits in line with the expectations. Furthermore as highlighted in the strategy plan for 2015-2017, the Group’s focus is to consolidate its strategic position and becoming a leading IT health solutions provider. This strategy has been complimented with the sale of 6PM’s commercial arm, Agilis6 Limited.

Through the acquisition of Blithe Computer Systems Limited earlier on this year, 6PM has not only increased its annuity revenue but now has also a stronger physical presence in the UK. In addition the Group now owns a stronger clinical products portfolio and an extensive customer base. Results from this acquisition are truly encouraging and the Directors are focused on delivering return to the shareholders to be able to recommend the distribution of dividends at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.

So far, 2015 has also been a successful year for one of the Group’s flagship products, iFIT™. By the end of 2015 6PM is in the process of selling the solution across another five NHS Foundation Trusts in the UK. The solution has also been certified by GS1 as capable of correctly and consistently implementing GS1 standards and associated best practice. The focus of the Group is on developing its iFIT™ solution further so that customers continue to enjoy business benefits. 6PM aims to close this year with the launch of two additional iFIT™modules - iWorkforce and iAssets.

Currently 6PM is also putting into action its strategy for the clinical product range particularly Lilie, the market leader in sexual health software. The aim is to launch a stronger and richer version during 2016. In addition the team is working hard towards evaluating options of merging 6PM Blithe’s substance misuse product line to offer one new and robust solution.

Javali, 6PM’s Revenue Leakage Identification Tool is also producing encouraging results. The Group has conducted two feasibility studies in the UK and hoping to close off the respective sales within the first quarter of 2016. 6PM will also be joining forces with University Hospitals Birmingham in developing further Javali’s algorithms after carrying out testing at both University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust and Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The 6PM 2016 business plan has been finalized and is currently pending approval by the Board of Directors.


Dr Ivan Gatt
Company Secretary
18th November 2015

Updated: 10 April 2019

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