Published: March 29, 2016

A meeting of the Board of Directors (“the Board”) was convened today after the Board was informed by shareholders holding a Substantial Shareholding that interest has been shown in the acquisition of their shares.  Subject to the satisfactory conclusion of a due diligence exercise, it is the intention of the interested parties to launch a voluntary bid for the acquisition of all the issued share capital of the Company.

In light of the above, the Board has resolved to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting in order for the shareholders to consider whether to furnish in confidence such information including unpublished price-sensitive information as may be necessary to enable the bona fide offerors, the bona fide transferors and their advisers to make, confirm, withdraw or modify any offer, in accordance to the provisions of Listing Rule 5.174.

Further information shall be made in due course.

Dr Ivan Gatt
Company Secretary
28th March 2016

Updated: 10 April 2019

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